In Kace, is it possible to setup a queue so that emails going to a particular address are automatically assigned to a category within the queue?  Here's a scenario:


Queue "A" has Categories 1, 2 and 3.  Email addresses cat1@domain.com, cat2@domain.com and cat3@domain.com all get routed to Queue "A".  Is there a ticket rule I can setup that will automatically move tickets submitted via cat1@domain.com to Category 1 in Queue "A"?




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  • I don't think this is possible because as far as I can tell KACE doesn't track what email address the message was sent to. Normally a queue only has one email address associated with it so they probably never thought to include that.
  • Sad, seems like it would be a basic feature to implement. Virtually every other helpdesk system I have used could handle that. Yet another disappointing deficiency of the K1000's service desk.
  • We did figure out a solution for this! We created a transport rule in exchange that would prepend the subject line with the category name. Then we created a ticket rule that would look for the name and move it to the correct category. Seems to be working well!
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