I'm having issues performing a silent install of Autodesk Inventor 2016. I see in the SCCM deployment file that I should use the following command: "setup.exe" /W /Q /I "Setup.ini" /language en-us however this command doesn't work for me as it is. I figured out that the problem is with the /I switch, whenever I use it the setup.exe starts running but just stops after a few seconds, if I just omit that /I switch and only use /W /Q switches the installation runs silently just fine. 
Any ideas why the silent installation won't run with that /I switch?

thanks in advance.
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create an admin install, it will create a batch with the command needed in it

this is ours for academics

\\dr-acad\programs\installs\autodeskinventor2016x64\Img\Setup.exe /qb /I \\dr-acad\programs\installs\autodeskinventor2016x64\Img\inventor2016x64.ini /language en-us
I have found problems with moving the install from the location you created it at with the admin builder.  I cannot zip this and push the install.  you need to build it in what directory SCCM would put it in when it pushed the install down.  I have instead created am Autoit installer that attaches to that share and runs the command vs trying to push the install to the macine first
Answered 02/24/2016 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • thank you SMal.tmcc. I'm running the install from the place I created it and I am using the same command line you mentioned, plus the /W. the install still fails with the /I switch.
    do you have any ideas what might be the issues of omitting that /I switch for SCCM deployment? cause the install runs silently just fine without it.
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Looking at info for a previous version the path from generated SCCM file looks like:

.\img\setup.exe /W /Q /I .\img\setup.ini /language en-us

Are your setup.exe and setup.ini files in the root of where they are running from, or in a folder off the root?
I suspect the latter, and they aren't being found when the command is run.

Answered 02/24/2016 by: dunnpy
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  • Thank you very much for your answer mr. Dunnpy, but yeah, they are located in the root and the install still fails :(
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