We have a working deployment on our K2000 that I'd like to improve.  We deploy syspreped images where we use the pre-install task "GetComputerName_x64.exe /dialog" to provide a dialog box so that the tech can type the hostname of the system.  This works because we generally don't have a huge amount of machines we need to image at the same time.  Manually typing the hostname is not a huge issue.  We then click OK and the deploy continues using Set Computer name as a mid level task. It's not entirely clear to me how that mid level task get's the hostname from "GetComputerName" although I'd guess that it's being written to a file for user later.

I'd like to force a hostname based on a format like "LOCATION-SERVICETAG".  Ideally, I could get some info from the user (like a location) and I could use that info to complete the hostname.   For simplicty, I could hard code it for testing but eventually that would probably be a variable supplied by a script depending on information given by the tech.
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