For the past two years we have only used our K1000 to serve as a que for help desk tickets.  We have been asked to set up a que for our Sales Director so that he can use it to track issues within the sales department.  When creating the que and assining his role I left the option for service desk - configuration set to write so that he can set up his own peramiters for tickets.  The problem I notice is this allows edit access for our help desk tickets. Is there a way to set the role so that he can edit the que he is assined to but not be able to edit the same settings on the other ques.? Also is there a way so that he can run reports created for use with his que but not all the reports that are currently listed?

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  • Roles don't have that level of control unfortunately. If you give them access to the Helpdesk you are giving them access to every queue to view and potentially makes changes if you allowed "write" access.

    Reports are not that hard, you just have to create them for him using the wizard or write your own mysql statements and only look at that queue.

    There is a check box in each queue that allows you to take away read/write for admins with that queue. you might want to try that. i haven't had any luck with it.
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