Hi people,

Most (90%) of my devices have an asset entry in the inventory.

This entry also has a "cost account" attached to it

in the assets.

I see the device "inventory Table" has a cost account column.

But nothing is showing in it. They are all empty.

Why isn't the cost account from the device inventory showing

up on the cost account column in "devices"

See below......

Device inventory field for assets....cost account is listed

But nothing in cost account column.......

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  • I notice that your screenshots don't show the same asset name. The shot from the inventory page is from X010215, but that doesn't look like it is in the list from the table view.

    Also, what version of the K1000 are you on? I believe there was a bug in one version that caused this issue.
  • Hey @chucksteel
    The screenshot was just to show a general lack of that entry.
    The x0102150 also show no entry in the "cost account column".
    Also I am on V 6.4.120822
  • is the cost account a text field or a link to another asset type?
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