I would highly appreciate to learn how to prevent this erratic behaviour - I develop a GUI script, I create the form in ASE, then  I add functions in ISE. Next, if I need to edit the GUI and use the form editor of ASE, it displays errors for lines that otherwise work pretty well. It AUTOMATICALLY removes them and thus cuts out certain functionalities of my scripts. First time I noticed this it was about using the "enter" key to call a function which is otherwise call by a "get" button.
ASE removed it.
Yesterday the form editor showed me two "errors", and removed two correct, working lines (thus crippling my script again). I suspect switching off this erratic behaviour must be simple I just don't know how. Please help. Thanks a lot !

here is one of the lines:
The type 'System.Windows.Forms.TextBox' has no event named 'Add_TextChanged'.    $TextBoxMailbox.Add_TextChanged({TextBoxMailboxTextChanged($TextBoxMailbox)})

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have you had a look around here on the site?

or perhaps here...

I know that ASE inserts / embeds information into it's file (usually xml at the start) for internal usage. If this is being removed by another editor, then it may cause problems. ASE is now Abandon-ware / Free-ware so support is not available...
Answered 02/06/2016 by: Pressanykey
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  • I did not remove any of the comments ASE inserts
    I know support is not officially available.
    This behaviour I describe is so ridiculous, I hoped that many people noticed it and there was some simple solution like uncheck certain options. Unfortunately I could not find the solution myself.
    Of course I searched, like in any other forum the good manners dictate to search first, ask after that.

    Here is what happens again, for clarification:
    - Use ASE-> create gui script
    - Save the script and close ASE
    - Add new event controls and functions outside of ASE, e.g. in ISE. Note - only adding.
    - The script works fine
    - Open in ASE - all still fine
    - Open in Form editor -> shows errors
    - Save from Form editor to ASE --> the "wrong" lines are removed
    - Save to the file
    - Run the script -> does not work anymore because of the removed lines.
    • Hi,
      I've never used ASE for powershell to create GUI / Scripts, so I cannot say. What errors are shown when the script is opened in the ASE form editor after being edited in ISE? Perhaps ISE is adding something that the ASE forms editor does not "understand"?
    • I have had this before.. got around it by saving and reloading each time I flicked between GUI and PS Script in ASE.. bit of a pain but you get use to it and eventually more reliable.
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