Hi all,

I'm looking at a legacy app that was sequenced in App-V 4.6 by a previous engineer and I'm struggling with it.

On app launch the user authenticates to either the Dev\Test\Live environment. I need to add a 4th (UAT).

Looking at the fat install this information is held in the registry: 'HKLM\Software\App\Server'.

The reg key is not in the package, nor is it in the VE registry.

Looking at the .SPRJ I see a file called 'servermap.reg' which I assume is importing the information to registry however I cant see how.

There is no pre-launch\post-launch  script in the OSD and the reg file itself is not there when looking at the virtual directory after deployment.

I assume files can be hidden and then called but all I've found when searching is to accomplish this through the creation and subsequent calling of an executable.

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  • Could come from anywhere. Do you use a some form of desktop experience software? Are there legacy Logon scripts? Group policy depending on user groups?

    Suggest you ensure it's not coming from one of the above before you try digging heavily through the app-v package.
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You could create a copy of one of the OSD files, modify it to change the name and import the OSD into the App-V management console (if your are using the full infrastructure).

Alternatively you could open the old sequence, choose 'add application to existing package' and create a new shortcut that way.

Check the OSD files for registry tags - the previous engineer probably added the registry keys that way. If the environment launched is controlled via the registry, using the registry tag in the OSD allows you to dynamically set a reg key whenever the shortcut is launched (a different one for each environment) without having to resort to scripting.
Answered 08/31/2015 by: packageologist
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On your sequencing box, copy over the fat install, add the registry entry, then create a new sequence. Life's too short.
Answered 08/20/2015 by: VBScab
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  • Thanks VBScab and that's the route I'll likely go down to get the update to the business but I'd still like to know how it was\is done.
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There should some reason behind that.. Need more investigation..
Answered 08/20/2015 by: jagadeish
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