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ive been asked to have a .jnlp app auto login.
Ive created a scheduled task to auto run the .jnlp upon login and the application has a remember password checkbox, only thing left is to login.  I know AutoIT has the ability to script mouse clicks, but not sure if thats the best solution.  Imagining it can break of the resolution changes etc.
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You can script it with powershell, you need to be able to detect the windows form, ie the name of the windows - google and you find the info you need. Its still a bit hit and miss though.

This code will get you started.
$KeyPress_Sequence_A = "{Tab 5}{ENTER}"
$KeyPress_Sequence_B = "{Tab 1}{Right}{Tab 3}{ENTER}"
Add-Type -AssemblyName Microsoft.VisualBasic
Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Windows.Forms
Do {$ApplicationCheck = Get-Process | Where-Object {$_.MainWindowTitle -like "*Notepad*"} | Select-Object MainWindowTitle
Start-Sleep -Seconds 1}
While ($ApplicationCheck -eq $null)
$AppWindow = $ApplicationCheck.MainWindowTitle

Answered 10/28/2016 by: rileyz
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