One server (a client to Kace) is stuck "Downloading" patches, but all others succeeded. I patched 11 of our servers today. Ten succeeded, but one continues to report downloading.

Its patch status shows a detect failure on Office 2k3 Sp3 so I ran Microsoft Updates manually and installed the Office 2k3 patch.

Rebooted it and it still reports downloading.

Removed and reinstalled the Kace Agent and it still reports downloading.

The client is a 2003 R2 32bit server and has patched successfully with this same patch run for the past few years.

The server appears to be working fine otherwise.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.


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The Phase status "Downloading" indicates the K1000 needs to download a patch from Lumension in order to deploy it to the K Agent. To confirm this, select a machine from inventory that is 'stuck' downloading, then under the section Security select Patching Detect/Deploy Status and you will see Deployment Status.

If there is anything in the category Deployment Scheduled, click the title of one of those patches, and move to the bottom to the section Files contained in this patch. Look at the Size column. If it's reading '0', your K1000 needs to download that patch before it will deploy.

Kind of confusing, but if your patch download settings are correct for your configuration, run a maual download and as soon as that download completes it will deploy to any client in the patch schedule that is waiting for it, and the phase will update.

Answered 04/30/2014 by: Ultimation
Third Degree Green Belt

  • Hey! Thanks! That's a great answer. Very much appreciated.
    You already had the data and you presented to this thread rather than suggesting I (and all future readers of this thread) go fish for ourselves. I'm fully onboard to teach a man to fish, but not when I can share an answer with a mass.

    Thank you for the time and response.
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Try deleting the record out of Kace, and letting it recreate itself.

Answered 10/22/2013 by: dugullett
Red Belt

  • Would that delete the history for the machine that gets deleted? (But good thinking either way!)
    • May depend if the logs on the client machine were also deleted.

      Along those lines, if you remove the agent from Programs & Features, the local data is left on that client. If the agent is installed and the installer MSI is run on that client, an option to remove the data is offered with a checkbox after a couple "Next" clicks. You're left with a cleaner machine by running the MSI to also uninstall.

      Deleting the machine from the K1000 and leaving the agent installed on the client should leave those logs on the client as well. When it checks back in with the K1000, the data from the logs is either recalculated entirely and sent or new data is amended to them and both the old and new data gets sent.

      Seems like an interesting test actually.
      • I found the answer. Downloading means the K1000 still hasn't downloaded the patch, and therefore can't deploy it.
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I'd go old school; run a Scandisk & Defrag on the system and run the patch manually.

Answered 10/18/2013 by: vjaneczko
Eighth Degree Black Belt

  • So basically you are saying don't use KACE for its intended purpose? Or is this a workaround so that patching works the next time?
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