I created an organizational unit "ABC" in K1000 and created filters to add computers to it.
As long as these computers were in the default organization, I could see the agent was connected.
Now the computers in the organizational unit "ABC", the agent shows them offline.

Where might be the problem?
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  • Are the systems that were in the "ABC" organizational unit now showing up as connected under the default organization? Or are the systems missing from both organizations?
    • There showed up in the default organisation and they were online. It's only when I've put them in the "ABC" Organization that they went offline.
      • When you created the filter, did you test it out to make sure those computers would be added to it? If so, when those systems inventoried again, did the computers disappear from the "ABC" organization and put back into the default organization?
  • also go to system, orgs, devices and check the org and status there.
    • I can see them in the "ABC" Organization, with a status offline and last inventory 2 months ago.
  • check your amp conf file in programdata\dell\kace does it contain just the kbox name or does it contain kbox.domain.com
    • Yes, I've checked it. It's the correct file.And I can ping the K1000 on ipaddress and name, also DNS resolving is ok.
  • @KACE-Irwin
    I tested the filter and these computers show up correctly. Now I started over. I deleted all filters and the "ABC" Organization. I created a "Test Organization" and created a filter just to put 1 computer in that organization. After the filter created, I test it again and the correct computer shows up. So I suppose it is correct. I add the filter to the newly created "Test Organization" and save. Even after a few hours the computer still doesn't show up in the Test Organization. This is now an other problem... Driving me crazy.
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