Migration from Lotus Notes To MS Office365:

IBM Lotus Notes has been one of the pillars for various users and corporations for its administration style and secured environment. Not only that, Lotus Notes also keeps up the mailbox in its exclusive association, NSF file format. And it also works with Domino Server, which is kind of a daddy in its field.


NSF To PST. Why?

Apart from these advantages, Lotus Notes have some limitations too due to which a large number of lotus users are migrating to MS Office 365. Email-client migration is not a new syndrome in our society. It is a gradual process but here within a couple of years Lotus notes have lost a big chunk of its users to MS Office. With its amazing features, it has gained popularity in no time. Both small and big corporations are now using MS Office 365 platform. The most valid reason for this huge migration is the management issue, which is very complicated. 

Apart from this, there are some other issues too.. which we will discuss in details about this migration:

1. Storage Problems: In Lotus Notes, if you have to store more emails then you would need a large amount of RAM for storing these excessive mailboxes. And here the charges can put a hole in your pocket, if you are looking for a new RAM. Whereas MS Office 365 require limited and cost-effective RAM for its usage and storage.

2. Complex Management:  MS Office 365 has a simple and easy interface so that even a novice or an amateur can also use it. But Lots Notes is known for its high-secured environment, which makes it a very complicated tool. To work on Lotus notes you need to have some technical knowledge or training.

3. High Maintenance Cost: With high security and complicated interface Lotus notes also requires maintenance. And the maintenance cost is quite high. Which is a drawback, for the small corporate houses who doesn’t have huge budgets for this costly platform.

4. Formatting Problems: Lotus Notes unable to contribute each HTML/CSS script appropriately due to which formatting issue occurs in emails and attachments. Hence, it results in troublesome in maintaining data flexibility due to faulty interpretation.

5. File Format Issues: As far I know, the final problem that every Lotus notes users are facing is the file format in which Lotus stores its data. Lotus saves data and emails in NSF format and this NSF format doesn’t run on any other email clients. So when a user wants to access saved files in another email client they fail.

These are some of the big issues which Lotus Notes users are facing for a long time. But with the introduction of MS Office 365, they have got a new, simplified and cost-effective version of storing data and emails.



See it all depends whether you need a secured platform or a platform which is not that secured. If you have money and technical know-how than Lotus Notes is the best option for you. But If you are looking for a more lenient version and don’t want in invest much money than MS Outlook 365 is the option to go for.

Hope you like it. For any changes or questions or queries..kindly put a comment in the reply section