With time passing by, your system slowdowns which is mostly because of Windows registry being corrupted and bloated with bad entries. The best defense to combat these empty and corrupted registry entries is to use registry software such as Registry Recycler.

Registry Recycler is one of the top free registry cleaning programs in 2013, which is known for its strong and solid features to optimize registry and hence speed up PC. Following is a little detail about Registry Recycler features, which will allow you to assess how this tiny program is helpful for your PC’s performance:



When you hit “Scan”, the software thoroughly goes through your registry settings, looks for errors and will notify you the number of problems found. In order to fix these problems, you are required to click on “Next” and then “Fix Errors”. With these two steps, all of your registry errors will be fixed and you will see “Errors Found” as well as ““.




This is also useful feature, which defrags the registry and organizes scattered entries. As a result of doing registry defrag, your installed programs load faster and hence speed of PC increases.




Whenever you do a registry scan in Registry Recycler, it creates a backup file. Just in case, you wish to reverse the registry settings made by repair process, you can do it by using this backup feature. Simply click the Backup file and click Restore.



When Windows start, there are certain apps that automatically initiate at Startup. This ultimately makes your system load slowly. Disabling undesired programs from startup will definitely help your Windows to load faster. With help of Registry Recycler Startup feature, you can disable particular programs from the startup.


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