I've seen that I can setup remote site replications, but in my environment I don't think that solution will really work best.  Is it possible to just offload a service such as the KACE updates to another appliance to reduce the load on my kbox 1000?  If I setup a few replicas on additional hardware here at the main office where my kbox is located will they balance their work load or would I need to set machines from different subnets to checkin to a specific server?

I've got 6300 machines connecting back to a single kbox, when I use all of the services it's causing major slowdowns... Each of my 30 remote locations have a 1gb backbone back to the main office where the kbox is located, bandwidth is not an issue for me.  Replicas might work, but many of the remote location have no servers or hardware that I can dedicate as a replica.

Thanks for any thoughts!