The recent scale shows that a large number of people are shifting from Outlook 2011 to Outlook PST of Microsoft. Why is it so? The reasons depend on the requirement of the people and will not be the same. Outlook 2011 is the mail client of Mac, Operating System of Apple Inc. It stores emails in .olm file format; supports emails, calendars, contacts, sent items, events, etc. in organized manner.

MS Outlook is supported in Windows Operating System and stores all the personal information like; emails, contacts, calendars, notes, etc. in PST (Personal Storage Table) file format. Windows restricts the users to open up their OLM files. So, for opening the OLM files in MS Outlook is tough.

Consider, the user changed from Mac OS to Windows and need to open all the OLM mails in MS Outlook. How can it be achieved? Is there any possible method to export Apple OLM mail to PST file? Before entering to the conversion steps, let’s see why people go for Export Apple OLM Mail To Outlook PST.

Why Do People Convert OLM Mails To PST?

The need of conversion purely depends on one’s wish. It can be because they don’t feel comfortable with Mac OS or can be any other reasons. Recently seen reason is that, since Windows users are more compared to Mac and now Windows latest versions are gaining more appraisals; people shifts.

If your office works are done in Mac and you need to do the work from home in your PC which supports Windows, you will need to export the mails to Windows supported platform. When you are in such situation, converting the OLM mails to Outlook PST; supported by Windows will be your choice and will search for a conversion option.

In this session we have crossed an easy method for converting OLM files to PST. Though the steps are useful, you may find it a bit difficult. It’s done by creating an intermediate IMAP mail client.

Method Followed For Converting Mac OLM to PST

1.    Add the IMAP account to Mac and Windows Outlook. You can use Gmail account.
2.    Login to Gmail account and select “Settings”.
3.    Enable the IMAP option in Forward and POP/IMAP.

For configuring IMAP in Mac follow;

1.    Go to Tool>Account in Outlook Mac.
2.    Click on “E-mails”.
3.    Add the IMAP account information.
4.    After setting, you will see mail tabs of Gmail.

NOTE: Setup for IMAP account in Windows Outlook is similar to Mac Outlook.

For synchronizing mails and moving, follow;

1.     Go to “Labels” in the Settings of Gmail.
2.    Create a new label and make sure IMAP option is ticked.
3.    Click the Send/Receive option in Outlook Mac.
4.    Copy the mails to IMAP mailbox in Mac Outlook and then move the mails to Windows Outlook from IMAP folder of Outlook 2011.

This procedure is lengthy and time consuming. For saving the time and effort it is easy to depend on third party tool as; Outlook Mac Exporter, exports all the Outlook 2011 mails to Outlook PST within seconds. The users can effortlessly convert emails, contacts, notes, etc. to PST file and if the file size is large, tool provides the option to split the PST file. It is efficient software and you will get all the OLM mails set to Windows Outlook without any change.