Though MS Outlook is one of commonly used email client in several organizations, it does not mean that users of Outlook never face any issues. One of the problems that user encounters is related to sending and receiving emails using Outlook, the code of the same issue is Error 0x800cce05. This error is usually seen while using MS Outlook 2016 in the Windows system that has been upgraded to Windows 10. The article will be describing the error in details and the solution to fix Outlook 2016 Error 0x800cce05 in Window 10 system.

About the Error 0x800cce05
Most of the users are having this error when they click on Send/Receive emails using Outlook 2016 in Windows 10 system. The error restricts user from sending new emails through Outlook. Users may able to receive incoming mails but they are not able to send mails to other contacts. The error displays the following message displayed below:

Issue is seen as Windows 10 is the latest OS developed by Microsoft and reinstalling the Connector and deleting the Outlook account may not work properly. Other reasons for the occurrence of the same error are:
  • Corrupted system files that causes conflicts with MS Outlook 
  • While trying to add IMAP/POP3 account in MS Outlook 2016
  • Upgrade to Windows 10 system from older version 
  • Internet Security applications installed on the system
How to resolve the Error 
Steps that need to be followed for resolving the Error are as follows:
  • In Windows 10 system, swipe in from the right edge of the screen and tap Search
  • Type Command Prompt in the search box and right-click on Command prompt
  • Select Run as administrator option and click on Yes

  • When the command prompt window is opened, type the command ‘sfc /scannow’ and press ENTER.

Note: System file Checker (SFC) is a Windows inbuilt utility to allow users scan the corruptions in windows system files and restore the corrupted/damaged files. 

  • sfc /scannow is used to scan all the protected system files & in order to replace the corrupted files in the system with a cached copy. 
  • The system scanning process will begin starting from the verification phase of system scan.

  • Wait for the verification process to complete up to 100% and command prompt window should not be closed.
  • Upon completion of the scan process, close the command prompt window
  • Restart the MS Outlook 2016 and Outlook will be working normally again.
Another alternative solution that user can try if the above method does not work is by fixing the internet security applications present in the system. These applications may cause the error by blocking calendar & other services of MS Outlook. It may hinder the normal working of the Outlook’s operations. User can allow the calendar & other services of Outlook that was blocked by internet security software to fix the error. It can be done by reset or uninstalling and installing the software again. 

The article has been aimed to help user resolve the common issue encountered while using MS Outlook 2016 in the system that has been upgraded from old version to Windows 10. The possible causes of the error have been described in details along with the solution to fix the same issue seen in Outlook 2016.