Lotus Notes To MS Office 365:

If you are facing problems with Lotus Notes and want to migrte from it to MS Office 365 then simply follow these simple instructions and you are done :)


Step 1: Use IMAP Server to Create a Backup:

First you have to create a backup for your NSF file with the help of IMAP server. It is necessary as manual process is a little bit risky as it might lead to data loss or corruption if not done correctly.


Step 2: Generate New Mailboxes:

After you have created a backup of your NSF files, now the next step is to create mailboxes before you start the migration from Lotus Notes to MS Office 365.


Step 3: Activate IMAP Server by given below steps:

·         Launch IBM Lotus Notes application.

·         Browse Domino Administration -> Click on Configuration option.

·         Open Server files which runs on IMAP.

·         Now, enable the default TCP/ IP port:

Tap onPorts -> Select Internet Ports -> and then Choose Mail tab.

·         After that, change the default enabled IMAP TCP/IP Port by clicking on TCP/IP  port values to Enabled in the Mail( IMAP)-> Hit on Save button.

·         At last, Click on Close  -> and then Select Exit to end the process.


Step 4: Link with IMAP Connector:

And the final step is to link your data with IMAP connector.

All this mentioned steps, will surely help you to synchronize your data from Lotus Notes to MS Office 365 but this is not much trustworthy.

Hope this manual process helped you out in migrating your NSF files to PST.

Apart from the manual process there are some third party tools  too which can help you out. And these tools are very trustworthy with good results.

For any other queries or questions, kindly put a comment in the reply box below.