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KACE::'MacUtil.class error prevents agent inventory updates to KBOX with 5.3' Workaround

In some instances, when inventorying Mac agents running the 5.3 agent, a MacUtil.class error message will occur similar to this:


This error occurs because the agent was unable to gather all of the necessary data from SystemProfiler.  First, update the Mac agent to the latest 5.3 agent. Then follow these instructions to resolve this error.

  1. Create a manual inventory.xml file by running /Library/Application\ Support/Dell/KACE/bin/MacInventoryU > inventory.xml .
  2. View the new inventory.xml file.  If it shows a complete inventory of the system without containing any errors, then it will automatically update to the KBOX and the inventory issue will go away.

If an error message similar to this is in the inventory.xml file instead:

ash-3.2# /Library/Application\ Support/Dell/KACE/bin/MacInventoryU > inventory.xml 
2012-03-05 15:02:02.224 MacInventoryU[4599:903] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '*** -[NSCFString appendString:]: nil argument' 
*** Call stack at first throw: 

0 CoreFoundation 0x99a556ca __raiseError + 410 
1 libobjc.A.dylib 0x908245a9 objc_exception_throw + 56 
2 CoreFoundation 0x99a553f8 +[NSException raise:format:arguments:] + 136 
3 CoreFoundation 0x99a5536a +[NSException raise:format:] + 58 
4 Foundation 0x943b5dc6 mutateError + 156 
5 MacInventoryU 0x00002eb7 -[SystemProfiler runProfileForDataTypes:detailLevel:] + 1423 
6 MacInventoryU 0x000027b9 -[SystemProfiler runProfileForDataTypes:] + 301 
7 MacInventoryU 0x00002017 main + 1017 
8 MacInventoryU 0x00001c02 _start + 216 
9 MacInventoryU 0x00001b29 start + 41 
10 ??? 0x00000001 0x0 + 1 

Trace/BPT trap 

The problem is related to either Spotlight being disabled on the Mac system or its Metadata is corrupt. SystemProfiler depends on Spotlight to populate its data. To resolve this conflict, the metadata file on the Mac agent will need to be rebuilt. To do this, Open Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/ and run sudo mdutil -i on -E /

This will rebuild the metadata file on the Mac system and it will inventory successfully in the KBOX. In some cases, this rebuild will resolve the problem permanently. However, a customer's environment may contain a few Macs that will need this process conducted on a regular basis.  To eliminate time and the need to add this workaround to the increasing daily requirements our IT customers are currently responsible for in each of their work environments, a script has been developed to impliment this task for you.

Below is the XML version of the script you can run from your KBOX:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<kbots xmlns="">
<config name="Clear MacOS Spotlight Metadata" type="policy" id="69" version="1331252818" description="This script can be used to help resolve issues dealing with problems uploading MacOS inventory to the appliance. Some of the symptoms can include incomplete inventory upload to the appliance, or getting the &quot;MacUtil.class&quot; error in the comments section of a MacOS inventory detail page.">
<execute disconnected="false" logged_off="false">
<verify on_failure="break" attempts="1">
<file_exists path="/Library/Application Support/Dell/KACE/data/" file="" />
<log_message type="status" message="Clear Spotlight Metadata script has already been run on this machine" />
<launch_program path="/usr/bin" program="mdutil" wait="true" parms="-i off" />
<launch_program path="/usr/bin" program="mdutil" wait="true" parms="-i on -E /" />
<launch_program path="/usr/bin" program="touch" wait="true" parms="/Library/Application\ Support/Dell/KACE/data/" />
<log_message type="status" message="Clear Spotlight Metadata script successfully completed" />
<log_message type="status" message="Clear Spotlight Metadata script failed to run" />

It will default to an Offline Kscript.

This script will create a file called "" in the agent log directory (/Library/Application Support/Dell/KACE/data).  If it detects that this file exists, it will not run again.

NOTE:  This workaround will not remove the MacUtil.class error message displayed on an Inventoried Mac agent summary page.  The MacUtil.class error message will be resolved in the 5.4 release. The responsibility of this workaround is to allow you to inventory your Mac units if you are faced with this problem.

If you discover that the above script only inventories your Mac units for a only a day or two and you find yourself back to the original problem, you can run the below script which will run the metadata clean even if is detected. This script will also update the timestamp on the last modified date on the "" file when it touches it again.


Note: IF you have upgraded to 5.4 from 5.3 and had this problem originally, the issue is fixed and the scripts are no longer needed.  However, the MacUtil error note will remain on the system in inventory.  To remove, open notes, delete the message and save.

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Kace ::K1000:: Help Desk :: How Does The Satisfaction Survey Work?

Summary:  Below explains how the Satisfaction Survey works.

After a ticket has been closed, if the user reviews the detail page for that ticket, they will be presented with a chance to provide a feedback score from 1-5 indicating their level of satisfaction with the resolution of this ticket. They are also able to add additional comments to this.

These values get stored in the ticket and are not editable by the help desk admin.

There are a variety of reports displaying this information. See the Help Desk category for the complete list.

Additionally, on the main Help Desk configuration page there is a check box that indicates if the submitter of a ticket should get an email when the ticket moves into a closed state asking them to take the survey. In that mail is a link to the ticket, allowing the user to quickly respond to the request.

NOTE:  In Version 5.3 the Satisfaction Survey check box has been changed to Ticket Closed

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Kace ::K1000:: Help Desk :: Can I Disable the Satisfaction Survey?

The short answer is No

The satisfaction survey cannot be disabled. Users will always be able to login to the webUI/User portal (http://k1000) and see the satisfaction survey for all tickets that are in a closed state.

There is a way to disable the notification of the survey by email. This screenshot shows where you can disable the notification of the survey.

NOTE:  Inversion 5.3 the Satisfaction Survey category has been changed to Ticket Closed.

This checkbox is often confused for the ability to choose whether the survey is disabled or not. In fact, this simply disables whether or not the survey is emailed or not.

In fact, what this checkbox represents is whether you want to send an email to the submitter when the ticket gets moved into a "closed" state. This email can contain any custom text and does not have to mention the survey. You can customize this email by clicking on the "customize emails" link and remove USER SATISFACTION SURVEY and edit accordingly.(See the screen shot below)

Caveat: The only way to get around this would be to not have any status' that represent a "closed" state. This is not recommended as it has other ramifications. However, it would be possible in the product to have the "Closed" status represent the "stalled" state rather than a "Closed" state.

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KACE:Changing Ticket Status Via E-Mail

Summary:  A list of values that you can put in the first line of your reply e-mail and have the variables changed when the e-mail is received by the KACE appliance.


Clearing a ticket field using email

You can empty any field with this syntax: @fieldname=. For example this entry:


empties the due date field.

Changing ticket fields using email

Users can change the following ticket attributes using an email message if the value of the ticket field is set to User Modify. (For information on changing a ticket field permissions, see “Setting up approvals for tickets,” on page 81 of your Amin guide.)

@category Enter a valid category.

 @cc_list Enter a comma-separated list of email addresses.

 @due_date Enter a date. The date can be in any format. For example, 2/

3/2004, Next Friday, or February 3, 2004.

@impact Enter a valid ticket impact.

@owner Enter the owner's user name, full name, or email address.

@priority Enter a valid ticket priority.

@resolution Enter a resolution.

@status Enter a valid ticket status.

 @submitter Enter the submitter's user name, full name, or email

address. If the specified name does not match an existing user, and if the queue has Accept email from unknown users check box selected, a new user is created. If you think that this might happen, you can include both a full name and an email address. For example, Joe User

@title Enter a title for the ticket.



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KACE::How Can I Obtain A List of All Dell Computers And Their Order Number?

Summary:  You can import this information to Asset Management:

How To Obtain The List:

Contact your sales representative and request a D3 Report.


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